EMR-Integrated Practice Management Software

A comprehensive PM solution for orthopedic practices

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Having an intuitive system that helps manage scheduling, billing, and data entry is a necessity for adapting to the changing healthcare landscape.

Our EMR-integrated, customizable practice management software helps your orthopedic practice perform these tasks more efficiently. It is built with intuitive features that assemble and organize tasks.

HIPAA & ICD-10 Compliant

1st Providers Choice's practice management software is both HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant.

Being ICD-10 compliant, the software is compatible with the new medical billing coding system that will be introduced in 2015.

Patient Scheduling

Our easy-to-use Orthopedic EMR software's appointment scheduling module is a powerful solution for increasing productivity. Some of its features include:

  • Schedule appointments (booking is also possible to do from a patient's chart)
  • Set up appointment reminders
  • Keep track of missed appointments
  • Add patients to billing system from scheduling window
  • Manage schedules for multiple physicians and offices

Learn more.

Medical Billing

Our billing software helps improve the rate of charge capture and helps orthopedic practices streamline the data entry process.

The software has a pre-claim analytics feature that helps reduce the likelihood that claims are rejected by requiring authorization information to be documented.

It can also be integrated with our Orthopedic EMR and adapted to the needs of your practice so that only authorized staff can access account balances, insurance information, co-payments and other billing data.

Customized Reporting

Orthopedic practices can perform a number of functions such as viewing patient summaries, comparing data, processing analytical assessments, among others with our software's 400+ report templates.

Custom tailoring reports according to the information that you want to analyze is also simple to do with 1st Providers Choice's PM system. Learn more.

Training & Technical Support

We prioritized user-friendliness and easy navigation when developing our practice management software so training is not required after installation.

However, training sessions and support from our technical team is available to orthopedic practices for those who want to better understand the software.

Additional Features